Polyaspartic acid

Product name: polyaspartic acid

Product Overview: Polyaspartic acid is a kind of amino acid polymer, belongs to the biological polymer material. Widely used in water treatment agent, detergent, cosmetics, antibacterial agent, dispersant, leather, pharmaceutical, hydrogels and other fields, is a very wide range of uses, non-toxic, pollution-free, easy degradation of environmental friendly chemicals.

Application of PASP in water treatment agent: PASP can change the crystal structure of calcium salt and make it form soft scale, so it has good scale inhibition performance. At present, the largest use of PASP in this area is for water treatment, treatment of boilers, water cooling systems. PASP water treatment agent is a real green scale inhibitor because of its excellent biological degradability and high scale inhibition performance.

Application of PASP in agriculture: PASP is a very attractive new generation of fertilizer because of its good degradability, which can promote plant growth and reduce surface water pollution caused by excessive fertilizer use. In addition, PASP also has good insecticidal, sterilizing and dispersing ability.

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